Unclaimed Property

The State of Michigan has been sending out a lot of mailings lately regarding Unclaimed Property, mainly asking you to report any unclaimed property. Unclaimed property is property in your possession that you do not own and no one has claimed it for a certain amount of time, called a dormancy period. Uncashed payroll checks would be an example of unclaimed property. After the dormancy period, since no one has claimed the property, this money now belongs to the State of Michigan.

However, some of this money that is now in the hands of the State of Michigan, may be yours! If someone tried to send you a check and it never reached you because of an address change or they had an incorrect address, it may have been returned to the company and now a part of this unclaimed property. To find out if some of this money is yours, go to Michigan’s Department of Treasury page, Michigan’s Money Quest, and search your last name.

This will show your name as well as what company reported the unclaimed property. If you find you name on this list, you must fill out a Form 3443 to claim your property.

So search your name and see if the State of Michigan is holding some of your money!