Best of West Michigan 2013

Make sure to put in your votes for the Holland Sentinel’s “Best of West Michigan” for 2013! Please vote for Aukema & Company P.C. as the BEST in BOTH Tax Preparation and Accounting. Follow the link below to fill out the short survey. Thanks again for your business this year!

Scam Letters

Many of our clients have received forms in the mail titled “2013 – Annual Corporate Records Form”. After you fill out the form, you are supposed to mail in a check for $125.00 payable to Corporate Records Service. This is a SCAM and is not from the State of Michigan! Only in very fine print […]

Unclaimed Property

The State of Michigan has been sending out a lot of mailings lately regarding Unclaimed Property, mainly asking you to report any unclaimed property. Unclaimed property is property in your possession that you do not own and no one has claimed it for a certain amount of time, called a dormancy period. Uncashed payroll checks […]

1099 Law Repealed

This is in regards to a previous post called “New 1099 Regulations”. The law has been repealed (as many people had hoped for). No longer will companies have to issue 1099 forms to all firms that they pay over $600 for goods and services (whether or not they are incorporated). However, the current law still […]