Strategic Objective

Aukema and Company, PC will be a CPA firm, which will provide accounting and consulting services to businesses and individuals located western Michigan. Our product will be their peace of mind. Our services are financial statements, tax returns, and business consulting along with other financial related services businesses may need from time to time. These products will be delivered with a personal touch and the best quality available.

The business will have one location in Holland, Michigan. The employees will have access to the equipment and software needed to complete their work in locations not necessarily in or at the office. The employees will have the technology and competence to keep up with their clients. The company will maintain excellent equipment, licensed software that is clearly able to provide the quality products and services to its clients.

Our financial clients will be business owners or their representatives who want use their financial information to make informed decisions to lead their business and improve its financial results. Our tax return clients will be people who the peace of mind they are filing which is honest and is the best strategies to keep their overall tax burden low as possible.

Aukema and Company’s services are going to be superior to our competition because of the quality and timeliness of the financial statements it provides to its clients. The company will not let the accounting services it provides to become a commodity because it strives to meet with our clients on a individual basis, so the client can learn about their business, ask questions and receive the most complete information they need to make financial decisions and lead their business. We want to challenge our financial clients to consider other issues that may not necessary be financially related so the feel they have an accountant who is looking out for their best financial and business interest.