Mission Statement

Aukema & Company wants its deliverables to accurately reflect the client’s true financial position while still considering the client’s best interest for the use of the deliverable. This is exemplified by using the accrual based accounting when discussing financial statements with the client and using cash based accounting when completing the annual tax return; normally this produces the most accurate financial picture for the client and the lowest tax liability.

The client meetings will give sound business advice which will help our clients make informed business decisions. We will provide our deliverables and a meeting by being a person (not an accountant or a fact reader (boring person)) with a personality sensitive to our client situation.

Aukema & Company will strive to keep our office environment as clean comfortable and inviting to our clients and employees while maintaining the perception of plenty of work (not too clean that we are not working or have nothing to do) yet slow enough (tax season -organized mess) to handle the client’s new request or need.

The deliverable, people and office environment will help the client understand that Aukema & Company is providing them with the best advice and information they need to make informed business decisions.  We will make it as easy as possible to do business with us by being flexible enough to allow the clients to do as much or little of the project as they would like and we will bring it to completion. This is demonstrated by some people organizing their personal tax file very well while others not even opening the tax mail they receive.